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September Survey Total

September 29th, 2007 at 06:02 pm

Quick recap - I am a physician and get to do various online medical surveys. These are not the kind available to the general public. They can be fairly detailed, really quite tedious at times, but pay very well. I used to skip a lot of them just because I didn't feel like doing them or wasn't in the mood or whatever. I decided a few months ago to see how much I could earn if I did every single one I could.

So far, I got $293 in June, $370 in July and $271.25 in August.

Anyway, September was a banner month. I just added everything up and for the month, I earned $580!! I can't believe I used to let these things go. That's a total of $1,514.25 in 4 months. I certainly won't ever ignore those e-mails again.

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