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Shopping at Whole Foods

October 14th, 2007 at 06:35 pm

DW and I agree that we haven't been eating all that healthy lately and need to get back on track with diet and exercise. I decided to take a trip to Whole Foods today and spend some time exploring some different options, particularly looking for some healthier snack options since that is often our downfall.

I picked up a number of new things to try, a couple of which we already sampled tonight and liked. I was mainly focused on items with little to no saturated fat, no trans fat and no high fructose corn syrup.

The one problem with those things is, of course, that they are more expensive than the crappy versions, but I'm willing to spend a little more for good health. Also, we are working to get back to cooking at home more and eating out less which will save a lot of money. I'd rather spend it on better quality groceries than on high calorie meals out.

8 Responses to “Shopping at Whole Foods”

  1. pjmama Says:

    Funny, my boyfriend and I just resolved to eat healthier as well... have you tried Trader joe's? They carry tons of organics and healthy food, but it's a bit cheaper than whole foods (though I'm a huge fan of Whole Foods).

  2. Aleta Says:

    Steve: I commend you for your efforts in eating right. Whole Foods is a great place to start. We have a Wild Oats where we are, but it definitely opens your eyes up to new choices. Also, the people who are shopping there are doing the same as you. Good luck.

  3. baselle Says:

    Whole Foods is one place that I definitely use the price book for - they don't call it Whole Paycheck for nothing! Big Grin

  4. disneysteve Says:

    pjmama - We have a Trader Joe's here, too. The place is small, the selection is limited and their parking lot is really poorly designed, so we don't go there much. Whole Foods is a much nicer store, recently expanded so it is pretty huge now and they've got everything and anything. We won't be doing our regular shopping there (we'll stick to Wegman's for that) but I will shoot over there for certain items that the regular stores don't carry.

  5. Sunshine Suz Says:

    I don't know what kind of snacks you are looking for but I have fallen in love with the "Flat Pretzel Chips" at Whole Foods. They are baked and made with organic flour...very, very yummy with hummus, dip, peanutbutter or by themselves. I think they are made by Kettle? I'll look tonight and post if a different brand.

  6. katwoman Says:

    I know you're not averse to couponing so check out their periodicals section. A lot of those free publications have some really good Q's you can use.

  7. Livingalmostlarge Says:

    You've found the key difference between rich and poor. Poor can't afford to shop at Whole Foods. They eat a lot of coupon foods.

    Sad to say but most foods bought with coupons are bad for you. They are processed junk/crap.

    I'm sad too say as well that I've found buying better quality food costs a lot. Whole wheat/grain bread versus white bread. Fresh veggies versus frozen or canned. Lean cuts of meat, seafood, rather than ground beef or other cuts.

    I eat a ton of seafood because I prefer it. Truth is that it's ridiculously expensive when compared to other types of meat. And so my bill is going to be higher.

  8. scrimpandsave Says:

    This is true...Whole Foods is way too expensive for someone that is poor. I don't even shop at Wegman's...but I am able to get a lot of low fat healthy foods at Aldi's!

    Ahh...the life of a teacher. :

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