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I saved 30 cents tonight

February 28th, 2008 at 06:52 pm

Yes, I'm serious. Since we had the whole thread about picking up pennies, I think this fits right in. We went to the pet store to buy some stuff for our hermit crab. One item was a new shell. The shelf tag indicated that the shells were $2.49. But the individual bags with the shells were marked $2.79. I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't have even noticed the discrepancy, but we did. I took the item over to an employee and explained the problem. She walked over to the display and confirmed what I was saying. Then she found the manager who met me at the register and did a price adjustment.

A lot of people (though maybe not those around here) might think we went to a lot of trouble to save 30 cents (plus tax), but I think mindset is the key to financial success. Frugality is a state of mind as much as it is a lifestyle.

4 Responses to “I saved 30 cents tonight”

  1. HouseHopeful Says:

    I would have done the same, IF I had noticed. Sometimes I miss the little details, so congrats on noticing the price difference. And you're right about frugality being a state of mind. I always say, every little bit helps.

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    My son used to have a hermit crab.... Yeah, we had all kinds of pets but uh, they had a nasty habit of dying prematurely. It used to bother me quite a bit because my ex and my son wanted pets, but whenever they get sick or die, they want me to take care of it or dispose of it. Nevermind the fact that they were killing a life this way.

    They have a cat now, which is nice. It's a good cat and he's much bigger now so things are fine now.

  3. disneysteve Says:

    BA - The hermit crab is new to our home. We got him a couple of weeks ago. So far, so good, though we're still on the learning curve of how to properly care for it. I figure it will be like when we first got our fish. We've had our aquarium for about 4 years now. At first, they were constantly dying or getting diseased. Little by little, we learned what to do and now, the fish in our tank have all been there for over 2 years with no problems. Hopefully, the hermit crab will thrive.

  4. SicilyYoder Says:

    I am a pharmaceutical/sales merchandiser and having had the chain-store accounts and doing cut-ins, I am well aware of tag issues. I always look at the tags and have saved lots by doing this. I think it is the little things that add up, and I personally feel like God wants us to be good stewards with our money, so I always try to save. People laugh at me, but, then again, they are broke.

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