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Happy Chanukah!

December 21st, 2008 at 04:18 pm

I just want to wish all of my Jewish friends a very happy Chanukah. We made latkes tonight before lighting candles and opening presents. I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday.

11 Responses to “Happy Chanukah!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Enjoy your holidays!!

  2. gamecock43 Says:

    enjoy! But is that how its really spelled or is that a misprint? Starts with a C?

  3. disneysteve Says:

    Ah, the age old question. What is the correct way to spell it? The answer is that the correct way to spell it is in Hebrew. It is not an English word, so any English spelling is just a transliteration since Hebrew uses a different alphabet.

    I spell it with a 'C' because the first letter is pronounced as a guttural 'H' not a soft 'H'. In Hebrew transliteration, that is traditionally indicated by the ch letter combo.

  4. mom-sense Says:

    Happy Chanukah to you and yours! And I now wish I had a latke for myself!

  5. pearlieq Says:


    I hope you have a wonderful holiday! May love and light fill your house.

  6. gamecock43 Says:

    ok, thanks for the explanation. My friend is jewish and I think I spell it differently every time I wish her a happy holiday. She has never once corrected me. When I saw your C I figured I was waaayyy off.

  7. homebody Says:

    Right back at you!

  8. Amber Says:

    Enjoy your holiday DS

  9. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Am saving the latke dinner for the 7th night (sat)! Lots of candles will be lit, inviting a friend and will play Dreidel with kids to boot!

  10. Debtfreeme Says:

    mmm latkes.

    what i miss from not having a jewish house mate. those were some fun years in college. we each shared a piece of how we grew up, organized our house in a way that worked for both os uf and oh i miss those times together.

    but i did send the chanukah card early this year!!

  11. campfrugal Says:

    Same to you Steve. I am not Jewish, but have many Jewish friends and Happy Chanukah to all of them.

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