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December 2013 Survey Income

January 1st, 2014 at 03:14 pm

For the newcomers:
I'm a family practice physician and get to do a lot of medical market research surveys. This provides a side income for me and, in recent months, has helped replace some lost income from my wife leaving the work force.

For the month of December, I earned $1,051 making it the 3rd best month of the year and bringing my 2013 total to $10,047.

As you can see on the sidebar, my goal for the year was $8,000 so I blew past that but that goal was set before my wife stopped working. Once she stopped, I raised my target. From January to May, I averaged $608/month. Since June, my monthly average has gone up to $1,001. I don't know that that is a sustainable number, though, because November included a one-time opportunity that paid me $475. Those types of payments are rare but it skewed the average. So for 2014, I think a goal of $10,000, same as this year, is a good target for me. That would mean averaging $833/month. I'd be happy with that.

5 Responses to “December 2013 Survey Income”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Great achievement, and a great goal for next year, too.

  2. Gabriel Ruiz Pellecer Says:

    Hi! I'mnew in the Medical Surveys.... Can you share some sites where You have joined? Thanks in advance for your help! I'm in Miami...

  3. Patel Says:

    Thank you for your post. Im also new to medical surveys and would appreciate your recommendations in which groups/site you use. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  4. disneysteve Says:

    Gabriel and Patel, if you message me your full name and e-mail address, I will send you some referrals. In full disclosure, some sites do give me a referral bonus just so you know.

  5. Gabriel Ruiz Pellecer Says:

    My name is Gabriel Ruiz Pellecer and my email is gabriel.medicalsurveys@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance for your support!!

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