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DW's First Day at New Job

July 2nd, 2007 at 06:33 pm

Technically, last Monday was her first day as she went for a general orientation with about 40 other new hires, but today she actually reported for her actual job. She will be doing surgical scheduling for a multi-campus hospital system.

She was hired on a per diem basis. Today, since she had training to do, she worked 10-4 but will typically do 10-2 a few days a week, at least for the summer (due to DD's schedule). That may change once school is in session.

She said today went well. The other women in the office all seem nice. And the work doesn't seem terribly difficult. She just needs to get fully trained on the computer system and other office procedures.

So far, so good. She works 10-2 tomorrow. They're closed Wednesday for the 4th. Since she still has training to do, she offered to do 10-4 again on Thursday as I'm off early enough to pick up DD from camp. We initially thought this would be 2 days/week but at least for now, it looks like it may be 3-4 days. DW isn't thrilled about that part as she doesn't really want to work 4 days/week. We'll see how it goes. The fact that the boss (a friend of ours) is willing to pretty much let DW set her own hours is a huge plus. Not too many jobs around with that kind of flexibility.

6 Responses to “DW's First Day at New Job”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    It sure sounds like a win-win all the way around!! Glad to hear things are going so well!

  2. Ima saver Says:

    Sounds good!

  3. monkeymama Says:

    I don't know how things are in your area of the country but there is a huge shortage of medical staff like schedulers and such around here. It's a great area to get trained in and find some job security and flexible hours as well. Good Luck to her!

  4. scfr Says:

    I hope the new job works out well for her!

  5. disneysteve Says:

    monkeymama - I don't know how the market is either, but she was hired as per diem and when she got there, she was given her own cubicle and computer. She said there were 2 other vacant cubicles. She was surprised as she figured as a part-timer she would be sharing somebody else's space. So that probably says a lot about the job market. Also, she expected limited hours and so far it seems like she can pretty much work as much as she'd like. If she wants full-time hours, she can probably get them (though she doesn't want them).

  6. sicilyyoder Says:

    I used to be a Registered Nurse before becoming a write and going back to college for fashion & merchandising- ther eis always a shortage in the medical field.

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