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Weekend decluttering update

June 22nd, 2008 at 06:49 pm

Nope, I didn't take a break on the weekend. In fact, since I was home, I did a lot more.

Saturday is typically our cleaning day around here. I went through the remaining pile of stuff next to my bed. I took the load of recyclables I had accumulated in the computer room down to the bin in the garage. I went back into the basement and did some further work around the same area as the day before.

My daughter was cleaning in her room because a friend was coming over. I helped her go through a stack of old books in her closet, almost all of which went in the garage for a yard sale or donation. I pulled out a couple that will get sold online.

Finally, I got outside and pruned some bushes/weeds filling up 3 trash cans of branches in the process. Decluttering isn't limited to inside the house.

Today, Sunday, I did some more work on the floor in the computer room. There was a bag of kids books that I don't even know how long they've been there. I realized that my cousin had given them to us. They used to be her daughter's and she thought my daughter could use them. I went through the whole bag and all but a couple ended up in that stack from yesterday to sell or give away.

I cleaned up some other stuff in the same area on the computer room floor, enough that I was able to consolidate other stuff and actually expand the usable floor space by a couple of feet which was nice.

I think that is the major stuff, though there were probably a few other little things along the way.

3 Responses to “Weekend decluttering update”

  1. JanH Says:

    I went through the bin containing all the instructions/warranties/inventory information for the house. Tossed a ton of it that belonged to stuff we don't even own any more. That freed up half a bin to hold more stuff for an evacuation. Now, I just need to take recent pics to add to the files. Woohoo! Keep us going, Disneysteve!

  2. sagegirl Says:

    Steve--You inspired me to work on the bookshelf in my bedroom this weekend. It is typically a graveyard as it is right by the door and when I/Hubby walk in the room, things typically get dumped there. Well, we moved the bookshelf to the other side of the room (hopeful we won't pile there as much) and I cleaned off one shelf. Tonight, I will work on another. Baby steps!!

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Great job, all. I may just pull some files and weed out the old papers today. With the windows open, I may feel like I'm outside!!

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