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I'm on vacation!

August 8th, 2008 at 05:37 pm

Today was my last day of work until 8/18. We are going to Washington, D.C. tomorrow for a week. We haven't been there for about 6 years. Our daughter doesn't really remember a whole lot about the last trip since she was only 6. We have tickets for the Holocaust Museum (DD and I have never been; DW was there once). We also have tickets for the Spy Museum and the interactive spy experience they have there. Other than that, we will make it up as we go along. We want to go to the Freer Gallery as DD is into both art and Asian culture, particularly Japanese, so we want to visit their collection.

I'll have the laptop so I'll still be checking in and reporting on our visit.

12 Responses to “I'm on vacation!”

  1. Blue Eyes Says:

    Have a great vacation!

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Have fun!

  3. Swimgirl Says:

    We used to live there! What a great city!

    Okay, you MUST go to Mt. Vernon. Fabulous! We also love the Postal Museum and the Building Museum. Both are less visited than the big Smithsonians. I think there is a charge for the Building Museum, and in that case, just try to sneak a peek inside to see the actual building it's in. But the Postal Museum is free.

    Your daughter might enjoy the FBI tour, if they're still doing that. And the Sackler Gallery used to have Art Classes for kids (free- just show up, no sign up necessary) on Sat and Sunday mornings, so look for that if she's into art. Not sure about the ages, but it's worth looking into.

    We also like to visit the Clara Barton House in Bethesda (not a HUGE thrill, but if that kind of history is of interest...) It's small, and the docents have always been REALLY into leading tours.

    And if you feel the need to spend a little money after all the free museums and monuments, try a "DC Ducks Tour." We did it once and all the kids we had with us loved it. You get some little known facts about the city while they drive you around, and then the amphibious vehicle drives into the Potomac, where kids sometimes get to steer.

    Have a great trip!

  4. disneysteve Says:

    swimgirl - We did the Postal Museum last trip, though we might wander in again since I want to go to Union Station again and it is nearby as I recall. I'll have to look into the Building Museum. I'm not familiar with that one.

    I was wondering about the FBI tour. I'll check the guidebook to see if they still offer tours. I did that years ago and it was fun.

    We've never done a Ducks tour. We almost did in Boston but decided it wasn't worth the money.

    As for spending a little money, we've already done that. We spent $81 for the Spy Museum tickets. And even though the Holocaust Museum is free, we paid a few bucks each to get advance tickets to be sure we got in. And we still have to buy our Metro passes when we get there tomorrow. I'm sure we'll find plenty of things to spend our money on. Isn't that what vacation is for?

  5. veronak Says:

    Enjoy your trip. I went to DC years ago and love the historical sites (JFK's grave and the changing of the guard, White House and the Capital) it was just amzing to see government at play oops sorry work Big Grin Have a great time

  6. Swimgirl Says:

    The Building Museum doesn't have tons of exhibits, but the building is amazing. It's at Judiciary Square, on the red line. The admission is free, I looked it up. I am assuming you'll hit all the free monuments and museums on the mall.

  7. Broken Arrow Says:

    Oooh, have fun in DC! The spy museum sounds like great fun.

  8. midlight21 Says:

    I love DC!! My fav? The National Archives. Yeah, I know, not the most exciting place for normal folks, but I'm a researcher at heart and that dusty musty smell just sends me!!

    Have fun!

  9. scfr Says:

    Have a great time!

    A couple things that I think are new since your last visit:
    - The WW2 memorial ... You won't have any trouble locating that one!
    - There is now a plaque on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial marking where Martin Luther King gave his "I Have A Dream" speech
    - There is now a marker where the MLK memorial will be placed. If you walk from the mall to the FDR memorial, you should walk past it.
    - National Botanic Gardens (they may have been closed for renovations when you were last there) ... When I was there in November, they had delightful miniatures of the famous DC buildings built from plant materials. We went and got our tickets for the Capitol tour, then strolled through the Conservatory while waiting for our tour to start.

  10. Ima saver Says:

    Have a great time Steve. I was born in Washington D.C, but of course remember nothing about it!! My mother even took me in the white house.

  11. Aleta Says:

    Steve: Have a great time. We were there last November and loved it. We especially loved the Vietnam Memorial. It was a very memorable place to visit and experience. We also went to the WW2 and I think the Korean Memorial as well.

  12. zetta Says:

    I haven't been there myself, but my mom raved about the architecture and interior of the Library of Congress. She said it was one of the most beautiful buildings she visited there.

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