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Exercise log 9/11/08

September 11th, 2008 at 05:31 pm

Today was a Wii Fit day. DW and I each did 16 minutes of exercises. I did an assortment of yoga, strength training, aerobics and balance. I gave my wife quite the laughing fit watching me attempt the push up/side plank strength training. I suck at push ups to begin with and trying to coordinate my movements with the on-screen trainer is tough. When you are in a push up position, you can't exactly see the TV, so I had my wife calling out when I should change positions. Then, the routine called for 6 reps. Well, I was shot after 3 and took my hands off the board. That prompted the computer to say, "Are you still there?" which my wife found quite hysterical.

We had to go out tonite so no walk got done today.

1 Responses to “Exercise log 9/11/08”

  1. baselle Says:

    ooh planks and push ups. I suck at pushups too, but planks are a little bit better. Perhaps a mirror in a strategic spot can help you see the TV. Smile

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