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Our house is falling apart

January 18th, 2009 at 06:24 pm

This is going to be an expensive year around here.

Our garage door spring broke recently. I haven't gotten it repaired yet because it has been too darn cold to clean out the area in the garage that the service guy will need to reach to make the repair.

We have a cold water supply pipe in the basement that has sprung a pinhole leak

The toilet in my daughter's bathroom needs a new flapper.

The side entry door to the garage needs to be replaced. It is an old wooden door that is warped and won't open and close easily.

The washing machine is on the fritz. My wife went to get a load of towels out earlier and they were still all soapy. She had to run an extra rinse cycle twice, so something's wrong.

One of our alarm keypads is worn out and it is getting hard to get the keys to register, which is a problem when you've only got 30 seconds to disable the alarm.

Fun, fun, fun. The joys of home ownership.

11 Responses to “Our house is falling apart”

  1. veronak Says:

    Sorry to hear about all the repairs but DS think of it this way...at least you have saved for these types of emergencies. I know you too well Big Grin

  2. disneysteve Says:

    We've actually had a pretty good stretch with no significant home repairs but that doesn't mean I wanted to do them all at once.

    We also want to replace our basement freezer. It is about 15 years old and is not frost-free so it is really a pain to keep it from icing up. Of course, replacing it will probably save us more in electricity that it will cost us, so that's actually a good thing.

  3. My English Castle Says:

    I don't suppose we can get your garage door man to look at our decaying wood one for the price of one service call?
    I think we may get a steel garage door this time around. Ours just gets very wet and corroded with the ice, snow, and salt. Oh, and we need the washing machine guy too! We have to manually turn the dial to get it to spin.

  4. koppur Says:

    I hope this doesn't sound rude, but I would love to have those problems with my house, just because it means I would have a house. Smile BUT, I completely understand the frustration of it all happening at once.

  5. mooshocker Says:

    One repair at a time. Baby steps and budget as you go. God bless.

  6. snoopycool Says:

    Flappers are cheap and easy to fix. I don't know whether you're interested in DIY on that, but if so, I suggest checking the intake valve to make sure there's no debris in it that keeps the water from shutting off. This happened to us last year and !viola! free fix.

  7. Swimgirl Says:

    Oh, I feel it, too. We need a new roof. We've been putting it off for a couple of years. But we're at the point now where I don't think we could make it through a rainy winter.

    And we have the original stove, which is electric (and really cute--1955 version) but I think it probably sucks too much power. So replacing that would be good. And a new hot water heater would be great...

  8. boomeyers Says:

    We are probably looking at the "big boys" this year, furnace and AC. I hope they last another year!! Good luck Steve. These things tend to get away from us. "Well, while I'm doing this, we may as well do this and Oh, look, that too! Etc, etc, etc...."

  9. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I've got quite a list right now, too. And none of it winter achievable except replacing a storm door.

  10. disneysteve Says:

    snoopycool, I will definitely do the toilet repair myself. Those need to be done every few years. We've been in the house 14 years and all 3 toilets have been redone twice I think. I'm used to that.

    I may actually be able to do the garage door myself, also. The problem there is moving out all the junk so I can get up on a ladder and replace the spring. I replaced one myself years ago. I can probably do this one, too. I just need a decent weekend when I won't get frostbite working in there to move everything out of the way.

  11. midlight21 Says:

    Hubster just made a minor repair on my clothes washing machine. It was the lid switch. Saved from having to buy a new washer at least for awhile.

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