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Don't really have any goals for 2011 yet

December 27th, 2010 at 06:11 pm

I know this is the time when many of you are posting your goals for 2011. I haven't really given the topic much thought but off the top of my head, I don't really have any specific goals.

I do want to continue the decluttering I've been doing since September. I've made a lot of progress but there is still way more to be done.

I do want to continue prepaying our mortgage but I don't have a specific dollar amount in mind. Something in the neighborhood of $1,000/month extra I suppose. I'd be satisfied to pay $10,000 extra toward principal in 2011.

Fully funding both of our Roth accounts is always on the to do list but I don't really count that as a goal because it is something that I am 100% positive will occur. Last year I maxed them out on April 3, so it doesn't take me long.

Other than that, our financial life is pretty well on cruise control so there just isn't any pressing need to set goals. That's kind of boring, I suppose, but when it comes to building wealth, boring can be good.

2 Responses to “Don't really have any goals for 2011 yet”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    Boring IS good.

  2. Ima saver Says:

    I agree!

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