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Made some summer travel plans

April 15th, 2019 at 06:35 pm

We are going to Texas this summer. My daughter wanted to attend a convention there so we decided to make a family trip out of it. My wife and I have never been to Texas and DD was in Dallas once for a youth group convention but didn't really get to see much there.

I booked the hotel months ago when DD registered for the convention but hadn't booked airfare. Also, I decided today (based on how much PTO I have left to use) to extend my vacation. So we're now going 1 day earlier and leaving 2 days later.

I booked the airfare which was not a problem (other than the usual hassle of booking airfare).

Then I tried to extend the hotel stay. That's where the trouble started. The website said the dates weren't available, so I called the Rewards club customer service line (I'm an upper level member). She also said the dates were sold out. Then I checked the website. The previous day was sold out but the later dates were available. So I called the hotel directly, but he was showing no availability. I went ahead and booked the last 2 nights online. He said we would be able to stay in the same room since I was booking the same room type.

I then found a nearby hotel just for our first night. Moving will be a minor inconvenience but we'll make sure to pack our suitcases so everything we need for the first night is easy to get to and we won't have to totally unpack. Oh, and I used reward points for that first night so no out of pocket cost.

End result is we're going to Dallas for 8 nights, paying for 7 nights plus airfare plus rental car (which I haven't done yet). DD is paying her convention expenses and I might ask her to contribute to travel costs.

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