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First new paycheck

April 24th, 2019 at 12:40 pm

Pay day is tomorrow so I got my stub yesterday. This is the first check since my raise went into effect. I was estimating my take home would go up by about $900 and that was accurate. This check included some per diem hours so I don't have an exact number but it comes in right around $916. That works out to $1,985/month.

We already run a monthly surplus of nearly $4,000 so this bumps that up closer to $6,000. And as soon as the mortgage is paid off, another $700 gets added to that surplus. That's about $80,000/year that can pretty much all go to savings in addition to the 25K that goes into my 401K (plus the company match). I'm still kind of shocked that within a few months, we're going to be saving 100K/year or more. Just 3 years ago at my old job, I was only earning about 120K/year so this is a pretty major change for us.

1 Responses to “First new paycheck”

  1. bennyhoff Says:

    Excellent change. When you get to those type of numbers your investments will change so fast you won't believe it. As a single guy saving $50k/yr for the last 5 years the rate of change in my investments has been crazy for me.

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