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Costly few months coming up, but all good

May 21st, 2019 at 11:07 am

We are very close to paying off our mortgage. I was actually thinking about splitting the remainder into two and paying half as the June payment and half as the July payment.

However, I thought about it more and realized that we are going on vacation for a week in June. Airfare is already paid for but the hotel, rental car, and all spending money is not. We are also going on vacation for two weeks in August. We're renting a house in Florida and have paid a deposit but the balance will be due in July. We also have to buy theme park tickets, meals, travel expenses, and such.

So I probably will ease back on the mortgage and pay it off over 3 months instead of 2. That was the original plan.

Ultimately, we actually have the money to pay it off today and still do all the other stuff but I hate taking money out of savings. I prefer to pay everything out of current income. We're paying very little interest on the mortgage at this point so accelerating the last couple of payments doesn't really save us much.

Wife's new business opportunity

May 11th, 2019 at 10:15 am

My wife has been sewing and quilting for several years. Along the way, she has sold numerous items but just to friends. She set up at a couple of little shows but that never really took off and she hasn't done any more.

A friend who is a big knitter (and has bought several of her bags) told her that local knitting stores often sell bags like hers that people like to use to hold their knitting projects. The friend spoke to one shop owner who said she was interested.

We took a ride over there yesterday. My wife brought along 18 bags of various styles and fabrics. The owner really liked them and took them all to sell in her shop on consignment.

We don't expect her to make a ton of money from this. The bags retail between $22 and $45. Even if all 18 sell, she'll net about $300. But for years she's been accumulating "stock" even though she wasn't doing anything to sell it all. It will be nice to clear some of it out, recoup money she's spent on supplies, and make a few bucks on the deal.

The owner also told her the sorts of patterns that tend to be popular so she can make some bags that may appeal more to the customer base.

Now we just wait to see what sells.