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Getting back to ebay... again

June 4th, 2019 at 06:10 pm

I've been back and forth for a long time about selling on ebay. I used to do it very actively. In fact, for a few months back in 2000, it was my full time job. In more recent years, I've had spurts of activity where I would sell for a few weeks and then get tired of it. It wasn't necessarily that my items weren't selling, though there was certainly some of that. And I can't even say that I had many problem buyers - very few in fact. I guess it just felt like the money I was making wasn't worth my time.

The problem is that I find myself - and my wife - spending a lot of free time doing nothing. Watching Netflix is nice but we do far too much of it. At least selling on ebay involves cleaning things up, taking photos, typing listings, responding to inquiries, packing, and shipping. That has the added benefit of getting items out of the house as well as, obviously, making some money.

Anyway, as I've posted in the decluttering thread on the forums, I've been working quite a bit on cleaning out our garage. I've been getting into boxes of items that have been packed away in there for many years, some literally the 25 years we've been in our house.

What I'm finding with some ebay searches is that stuff that may not have been all that valuable when it was packed up is now in decent demand 15 or 20 or 25 years later. That tends to be how the collectibles market works. Stuff is hot when it first comes out, then you can't give the stuff away for a decade or two, then suddenly it's "vintage" and everybody wants it again. That's where we are with a lot of our stuff now. It's not worth putting something on ebay that will sell for $5 but if it will sell for $15 or more, that's entirely different. And if I can bundle a couple of cheaper items together to make a decent sale, that works too, like selling a set of something as one lot rather than individually.

We have a vacation coming up in 2 weeks so I'm not going to start listing things yet but after we get back, I intend to. My wife and I were talking earlier and she's going to help with the packing and shipping end and I'll handle the listing part since I'm the one that knows about the stuff and has the ebay experience. I'll be sure to report back about how it's going once we get into it. I'll start slow so we don't get overwhelmed but I see no reason why we can't list 5-10 items a week at first (back in the day I was listing 10 items a day, 7 days a week).

1 Responses to “Getting back to ebay... again”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I can see why you want to get back to it. It's more of a hobby than Netflix! I still only sell our used, no longer wanted items, but someday I wouldn't mind looking for collectibles of some time to sell. I've been watching some people on YouTube that hunt at thrift stores for collectibles and then resell them online. Many of them use Etsy. Do you have any idea if your items would sell better there over eBay? Just something to check into.

    Good luck! I hope it's enjoyable for both of you.

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