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Bought new socks

June 5th, 2019 at 08:50 am

You probably can't think of a more boring title for a blog post but sometimes it's the little things that get us excited.

For years and years, one would go into the men's department at pretty much any store anywhere and they would have black dress socks, blue dress socks, and brown dress socks. They'd also have patterns and argyle and other funky stuff but the basics were always there: black, blue, and brown.

A few years ago, for some unknown reason, blue stopped being a thing. Apparently the fashion gods decided that men no longer needed blue dress socks. I don't know why. I never got the memo. But I searched all over from Walmart to Nordstrom's and everywhere in between and blue dress socks no longer existed. I even looked online and nothing.

A year or so ago, we happened to be driving somewhere and passed a sock outlet store. We stopped in and they actually had some blue socks. Not the kind or material I usually bought. These were the nylon kind, not the cushy cotton ones, but I bought a few pairs anyway. It was better than nothing even though I don't particularly like them. Most of my blue socks are really worn on the soles and some even have holes but I keep wearing them since I can't replace them.

Finally, about a week ago, something made me search on Amazon again and I found a couple of places that had blue socks again. I immediately ordered a 6-pack. They came the other day and I put a pair on right away and they were fine. I wore them to work the next day to make sure they were comfortable. I came home that night and ordered another 6-pack. I don't really need 12 pairs but I'm not taking the chance that they will disappear from existence again. These will last me for years so I'm good for a long time.

So yeah, that's my sock story.

5 Responses to “Bought new socks”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Yay! That is success. I tend to dislike when styles and trends change so much that I can't find what I want. Probably part of getting older, but even my almost 19 year old was irritated when her new cell phone arrived and it no longer had a headphone jack. Yes, she still likes the corded earbuds. It did come with an adapter, but she was so annoyed!

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I remember a year when I was shopping for a pair of gray pants, and there were none to be found! Not anywhere! What could be more classic? I ended up finding them at Goodwill, which was the start of my drift away from retail shopping.

  3. disneysteve Says:

    ccf - I'm totally with you (or your daughter) on the headphone jack. Annoyed us too as we all have those phones. The other problem with that is that headphones now use the same port as the charger so you can't be charging and listening at the same time.

    My daughter recently got a new computer and discovered a similar problem. The power cord now uses one of the new USB ports (which of course is different than every other USB port so you need adapters for all of your peripherals you already own). So she thought she'd have 2 USB ports, which is fine, but if she has the computer plugged in, as she generally does at her desk, she really only has one. Fortunately, we already had a USB port expander so she's using that.

    CB - I understand completely. Yes, one would think gray pants are a pretty basic fashion staple, just like navy blue dress socks.

  4. Smallsteps Says:

    it really is the little things that can make someone's day. I am glad you found a good type of socks you like.

  5. Amber Says:

    I had this issue with my make up. This post has reminded me to reorder

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