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Home repair success

May 12th, 2007 at 02:53 pm

Sometimes it is the simple things that excite us.

About a year ago, my daughter accidentally swung the front storm door open a bit too far and stretched the hinges out of place. Ever since then, the door wasn't quite right but we hardly ever use it as we enter through our garage, so I never did anything about it.

Then a couple of weeks ago one of the spring closers broke. Now the door really wasn't right as it was hanging down a bit and not flush with the frame. To close it, you had to lift up on the handle to get it back in the frame.

Well, I finally went to Home Depot and bought a new closer. That fixed one problem but not the hinge problem. I was able to fix that with a hammer and a nail punch to tap the hinge plate back into shape.

Now the door is good as new and it cost me all of $10.50. And I had been procrastinating because I really thought the door was trashed and I'd have to replace it for a few hundred dollars. Wasn't I pleasantly surprised?

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  1. Aleta Says:

    That was great. I know so many people who would have just bought a new door not wanting to mess with it. My brother is one of those. A couple of years ago, the hurricane blew out the bottom panel of the screen door and my brother thought the whole thing needed to be replaced. My husband helped him find the panel piece and now it's replaced. Good as new.

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