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Weekend review

February 24th, 2008 at 03:57 pm

As per my last post, my wife and I returned to my college this weekend to attend the dedication of the theater lobby in memory of my former theater professor and director.

A large contingent of my college theater friends were able to attend, about 16 of us all together. It was really wonderful to see everyone and spend some time together catching up on each other's lives. It has been way too long since we got together.

After the show last night, one couple set a date for a party at their house on July 5th, so we are all looking forward to that and more time to spend together with old friends. Keep in mind that we graduated college between 1984 and 1987 so we all go back quite a few years at this point.

Financially, the weekend wasn't too bad. The hotel last night was $105 and included breakfast this morning (7 of us met for breakfast since we were all staying in the same hotel). DW and I spent about $15 for lunch yesterday afternoon. We all went out last night after the show. That was another $20. Add in gas and tolls for about another $20. So I guess the whole weekend ran us about $160 and it was worth every penny to see everyone.

2 Responses to “Weekend review”

  1. LadyT Says:

    Don't you love it when you can say that? Glad you had fun!!

  2. Aleta Says:

    Happy to hear that you enjoyed yourself. My husband and I went to my high school reunion last year and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was 3 days of well-planned events. I would encourage anyone who hasn't been to an event like this to go.

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