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Entertaining at home is expensive

March 23rd, 2008 at 11:14 am

We hardly ever have people over anymore. I realized today that one reason for that is the cost. We were hosting a meeting of the planning committee for a retreat we do every fall. All together, there were only 7 people but we spent nearly $50 buying food and goodies to put out a nice spread. Of course, not everything got eaten and we kept all the leftovers, so the true cost wasn't that high, but still, the money got spent on stuff that we wouldn't have been buying otherwise.

Having a bigger party for a couple dozen people can easily run into hundreds by the time you add in paper goods and plasticware and everything.

I'm glad we did it and we had a very productive meeting, but it was still kind of pricey.

11 Responses to “Entertaining at home is expensive”

  1. nance Says:

    Tax deductible?

  2. disneysteve Says:

    Nope. Not work related.

  3. baselle Says:

    Boy I hear you. You have to want to do it, and the guests have to be worth it.

  4. rduell Says:

    We seldom have anyone over for that same reason. It is expensive just for beverages. We usually only have water and milk when it's just us, but I feel I have to have more choices if we have company.

  5. homebody Says:

    YD and SIL are having an Easter potluck, heck it's probably over at this point, they are 3 hours ahead of me....They only had to make dessert.

  6. threebeansalad Says:

    I love to entertain! It can be pricey, but not prohibitively so. I find it enjoyable, plus I feel like guests enjoy themselves more at someone's house rather than at a restaurant.

  7. boomeyers Says:

    Yep, one word for you, Potluck! Smile

  8. princessperky Says:

    I have folk over all the time, friends, not acquaintances..that way they know what to expect...simple food, and water..because at one point I spent a great deal of money on beverages, only to hear 'Pepsi? I only drink coke" or "What no MT Dew?", "I have to have the diet version", "oh we never drink out of a bottle, only cans"...along with many more irritating things that only true friends feel comfortable enough to admit...

    So I don't buy pop (wine and beer yes - folks are less picky about that) if you want it bring your own. I still have company, and we still have tons of (cheap) fun.

  9. scfr Says:

    One word of advice for next time: Costco Wink

  10. jbl Says:

    We love to entertain and usually have 2 bigger parties per year (with about 50 people) and one or two small dinner parties a month. The big parties are definately expensive and a lot of work, but I enjoy them.

  11. Livingalmostlarge Says:

    I love having people over. Can't focus on the cost because it's easily $50/pop if not more if you include booze. But seriously it's fun right? And people who have 5 interactions (friends), actual socilogical study live longer. Sooo, maybe you're buying longer life!

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