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Suit shopping today

April 24th, 2008 at 12:09 pm

I just got back from shopping for a couple of new suits. I went to Men's Wearhouse, which is where I bought my current tuxedo a couple of years ago. I knew they had decent prices and excellent customer service. And I was not disappointed. In fact, my wife came along and she was jealous of how easy the process was compared to shopping for women's clothing.

We walked in the door and a salesman came over. I told him I needed a suit and he pulled out a tape measure and checked my size right there. He walked us over to the racks, asked what color I had in mind and picked out a jacket for me to put on. I didn't care for the design (3 button) so he took it back and gave me a 2 button one which we liked. Plus, the 2 button one came with 2 pairs of pants, making it more versatile and it was cheaper than the 3 button suit.

Then he explained the current 2-for sale and what I'd save if I needed anything else. I did want a 2nd suit, so he picked one out that I probably wouldn't have looked at on my own, but it was very nice and looked very good on me, so I got that as my 2nd item.

We walked to the fitting area and the tailor came out and marked each piece for altering. Then we paid and were on our way. The whole process took barely 45 minutes. Oh, and I also brought in a pair of suit pants that needed the hem resewn and they did that for me while we were shopping.

The total damage for 2 suits with 3 pairs of pants and alterations on those items and the pants I brought in was $633. They do have a rewards program and I had a few hundred points from buying the tux. With today's purchase, I earned a $50 gift card which I'll get in a couple of weeks and I'm within a few dollars of earning another $50 card. So when I get the first $50 card, I'll go back and pick up a couple of shirts and make sure I spend enough to get me the other $50 card.

There are places I could have gone where the suits would have been cheaper and still acceptable quality, but the service wouldn't have been nearly as good. I'm not often willing to pay for service. I'm more of a "leave me alone and let me shop" kind of shopper. But once every 10 years when I need a new suit, I appreciate the extra attention that a place like Men's Wearhouse offers.

7 Responses to “Suit shopping today”

  1. compulsive debtor Says:

    Hey, DisneySteve, next time you're shopping for suits wait until July to buy one. This is when stores mark them down drastically to make room for the new season's inventory and you can get some very good deals. I learned this last summer when my husband got a new job that required a suit every day.

  2. mom-from-missouri Says:

    Your post made me think how much I have changed since I married, moved and quit working.

    I too would have considered that to be a good deal 2 years ago when I was working full time in the corp. world.

    But, now that I am a SAHM, I can not even start to think of spending that amount on myself or on clothing. Now I view that as almost half a house payment, or having to sub teach 7 days for that amount.

  3. merch Says:

    That's a good deal. I go to a local place that costs me about 300-400 per suit. They actually pull out a little index card with my measurements.

    But I agree with compulsive debtor, I usuallt buy in the summer when the wool suits are on sale

  4. disneysteve Says:

    If I had to wear a suit regularly, I'd be more frugal in my shopping for sure. Until today, I owned exactly one suit and that's been it for at least 5 years or more. I spend very little on clothing. Maybe $200 in an average year.

    Today's purchases will be part of my wardrobe for 10 years, at least, probably more. I have sport coats in my closet that I bought second-hand when I was in med school 20 years ago. And I have dress shirts that I inherited when my father-in-law died in 1993 and still wear regularly. I'm not into fashion or trends or having the latest and greatest at all. It is worth it to me, every once in a while, to put out some money to get a couple of good quality new items, knowing that I'll still be wearing them a decade or more from now.

  5. Amber Says:

    Wow $633 for two suits not bad and these will last a while

  6. baselle Says:

    I know I'm jealous. This shopping trip is a dream compared to women's clothing shopping. Too darn much vanity sizing. Pull out a tape, have a salesperson with some knowledge, and they sell clothing that's classic with no weird colors. None of this taking items of three different sizes just to see where your size fits in the manufacturer's scheme.

  7. Frugal Momma Says:

    Mens Warehouse is a very customer service oriented place. My husband got 2 new suits there last year. He wears a suit about 10-15 days a year so these will last a long time. We also got the $50 rewards card and I was able to pick up some shirts as well.

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