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New glasses for DW $$

August 25th, 2008 at 05:54 am

All 3 of us wear glasses. We keep the costs down by almost always going to For Eyes. They have a good selection, good service and reasonable prices. I usually get mine with their 2 pair for $99 offer, getting my regular glasses and my sunglasses. DW and DD also got their current glasses there.

DW has needed a new pair for quite a while now as hers got dropped and the lens chipped right in the center some time ago. We went to For Eyes and she couldn't find a frame that fit that she liked. She has to wear kids frames and it is sometimes hard to find a pair that looks okay on a 44-year-old woman. The bright blue ones with Spongebob on them just don't cut it. Also, many of them are too narrow for a bifocal lens.

We also looked at America's Best, another discount chain in the area, and didn't find anything there, either. So she put off getting new glasses. We didn't want to have to resort to the outrageous prices at LensCrafters or somewhere similar.

Well, yesterday, we broke down and went to Pearle. They advertise that AAA members get a 30% discount. I realize that the only reason they can give such a big discount is because their mark-up is sky high to begin with, but she was tired of looking through chipped glasses. She actually found a good frame quickly. It was priced at $120, 20% more than we pay for 2 complete pairs at For Eyes, but such is life. With lenses, the total was going to come to over $400. Fortunately, the frames happened to be on sale when the tech pulled it up in the computer, so they were "only" $80. That and the 30% discount for AAA brought the total down to just under $300. Still an obscene amount of money for a pair of glasses, but since the discount places didn't work out this time, we were kind of stuck. Yes, I know you can order glasses online, but there is no way that would work for her since she is so hard to fit and measure.

7 Responses to “New glasses for DW $$”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    My husband has never been happy with any glasses except the ones from Lenscrafters.

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Speaking of Disney, disneysteve, my sister and I both wear kid's Disney frames. I wonder if it might have been worth another trip back to For Eyes. Maybe there is a frames fashion year when the old go out and the new come in, creating sales and new models to try.

  3. zakity Says:

    I wear kids frames too!! I agree about the loud colors just not working for anyone over the age of 25.

  4. compulsive debtor Says:

    I'm not even going to tell you what we spent on my husband's last pair of glasses, Steve....

  5. disneysteve Says:

    Oh, I know people spend that much and far more. I just think it is nuts - no offense intended. We actually had to go to For Eyes yesterday because my daughter accidentally squashed her glasses. While we were there, I took a look at the designer frames - you know the ones that are in a case, not out for you to try on unattended. The most expensive frames I saw were from Cartier and were over $800.00!! Talk about insane.

  6. baselle Says:

    My primary pair were about that much. I also asked for the new prescription to be put into my old frames to form a secondary pair. Most of my costs are not in the frame but in the lens, and since, for me, looking through a chip is a quality of life issue.

  7. MiikeB Says:

    Have you considered vision insurance? I have it through my employer for roughly $10 a year. When I went to lenscrafters for my glasses this year the price dropped from $380 down to about $120.

    Of course I dont think all employers offer vision insurance (my company just started).

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