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May, June, July Survey Totals

August 5th, 2009 at 10:48 am

I kind of fell out of the blogging habit and I realize I didn't do my usual monthly post about my survey income, so I thought I'd post now and update the last 3 months.

Along with not blogging, I also got off track yet again with doing surveys. I blame Facebook and that darn poker game. It is totally addictive.

Anyway, for the newbies, I'm a doctor and get to do a lot of medical surveys and market research programs, mostly online. They are fairly tedious and boring but pay quite well. These are not open to the general public, though I do also do Opinion Place and Pinecone (and those earnings are included in these totals).

May 2009: $227.00
June 2009: $426.00
July 2009: $160.00

So May wasn't too terrible. June was very good and then July was lousy. I know $160 sounds like a lot of money, but trust me, it isn't. Just this morning, I did one survey for $125 and that is not unusual, so making only $160 for an entire month means I really didn't pay attention to most offers that came through my in box. I'm trying to do better again. August should be decent though there is a bit of a lag between when I do them and when I get the money.

ETA: Today alone, I've gotten faxed invitations to 3 surveys: $30, $55 and $60. That's in addition to the $125 survey I did via an e-mail invitation earlier today. As I said, the pay is good, but sometimes the volume of surveys gets overwhelming and I shut down and don't do them for a while. Then I realize how stupid it is to be throwing away money like that.

2 Responses to “May, June, July Survey Totals”

  1. -Jerry- Says:

    Interesting! I'm a medical student and I had heard about these questionnaires that can lead to some extra money (someday!). I had no idea that they would be that much potentially. You can have yourself a nice little insurance policy against a rainy day with that much per month...

  2. disneysteve Says:

    Hi Jerry. Yes, lots of potential out there. In a good month, I'll due $600 or more. I pass up a lot of offers, too, for in person programs. I used to do them but I'm too busy anymore. They usually pay about $200 for a 1 hour interview, but the place is about 20 minutes away, so between driving and parking, it ends up taking over 2 hours.

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