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March 2011 Survey Income

April 1st, 2011 at 02:18 pm

For the newbies, I am a family practice physician and get to do a lot of professional surveys and market research programs. These are not available to the general public. They pay quite well though can sometimes be mind-numbingly tedious or boring. Most of the time, they aren't too bad.

For the month of March, I earned $687. Not bad at all.

I've been very busy the past couple of weeks and have not had much time to do surveys so I've missed out on a lot. That probably means April will be on the lower side but time will tell. I never know what will come along.

3 Responses to “March 2011 Survey Income”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    That's not a bad total at all! Smile

  2. -Jerry- Says:

    Hey, you know that this survey thing will lead to a pretty decent side effort when your total falls off by almost 50 percent in one month, and you still end up with nearly $700. Smile It's nice to have that kind of insurance for something that you do in addition to the regular work, especially if it isn't stressful or dangerous!

  3. DRILLINDK Says:

    Just curious what survey's and/or market research your enrolled to do? I'm a dentist and I'm wondering if I could capitalize on something similar.

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