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Updates: estate, job, etc.

August 7th, 2021 at 11:34 pm

It's been over a month since my last entry. Time for an update.

I did return to Florida where I spent about 2 more weeks finishing up. Donated a bunch more stuff. Got the house ready to sell. Met with the realtor. A guy who lives in the neighborhood and knew my cousin had a sister in NY interested in the house. I had her and a couple of others excluded from the realtor contract. She flew down to see the house while we were there (my wife joined me partway through) and made a cash offer for just over our asking price. We're on track to close on Tuesday as far as I know.

We rented a truck and packed up a bunch of stuff that we wanted to bring home and drove back 7/14-7/15. I returned to work on 7/17.

Work has been nuts thanks to COVID and the fact that they closed one of our 8 sites at the end of May. At my primary site, we've had several days where we've seen over 70 patients which is a lot. 50s to 60ish had been the norm. We all can't wait for COVID to settle down but this particular location is also in an area with high anti-vax sentiment and "free-dumb" folks. Even a number of the staff members are anti-vax which just drives me nuts. How can you be on the front line of the pandemic seeing COVID patients every single day and still not see the value in the vaccine? Thankfully, our job has made the vaccine mandatory. We must be fully vaccinated by September 15. A bunch of people have quit as a result, though I'm not sure where they're planning to go since most other health systems are doing the same thing, but at least I won't be stuck with them anymore.

Big news on the job front is that I officially gave notice to drop to part time. I don't have an effective date yet. My contract requires 120 days notice so it could be as late as December 1. They handle that on a case by case basis so it could be before that. I know they have per diem providers waiting for hours to open up so if they can fill my spot easily, they might let me out of the contract early.

I'll go from 36 hours to 24. I'll still have medical benefits but at a slightly higher rate (about $70/month). And I'll still have the option of picking up extra hours whenever I'd like based on availability. I'll definitely do that for a while because I owe them about 80 hours. My leave of absence used up all of my PTO but we have a couple of trips planned in the fall that I'm still taking so I have to make up that time. Also, if I pick up 4 hours a week, I'd make some extra money and still be doing 8 hours less than I had been. One nice thing, hopefully, is that I won't be working 12-hour days anymore. I requested three 8-hour shifts for my 24 hour week.

Hopefully, the house closes as scheduled on Tuesday. That will be the last big piece of the estate. Then I just have to wait for the probate process to end in early October before the funds can be distributed to me.

I've been staying active listing stuff on ebay since a lot of what came home from Florida is items I wanted to sell. I've got about a dozen listings going and have already sold several. Little by little, I'll work through it all. Once I go part time, I plan to devote more time to the sales.

I think that's about it for now.

5 Responses to “Updates: estate, job, etc.”

  1. mumof2 Says:

    That is great that you have the house sold...that will be 1 less thing to deal can be so hard when you are living in a different congrats.

    Hopefully you will to get to go part time soon...although from what the news looks like from over here that may not happen...I can't believe how many people still aren't vaccinated...people under 40 here without a medical issue can't get vaccinated over here yet!

  2. Dido Says:

    Congrats on putting in to go part time and on getting your cousin's house sold so easily (sans realtor)!

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Hope it works out with the house. You've done a good job with the estate.

    I agree -- I don't understand how a medical person won't get the vaccine.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    You've been very busy with the estate and it's wonderful that it's going to pay off for you. Going to part time will be great! I am in complete agreement that medical personnel should be required to be vaccinated. Heck, I don't want those folks taking care of me! And I also think that anyone who does not have a legitimate medical reason to go unvaccinated should just shut up and get it. It's just pure selfishness in my opinion. They can call it freedom, but I like your take on it -- "free-dumb."

  5. Fern Says:

    Lots happening...congrats on the quick home sale, and congrats, too, for the transition to p/t...I could never go back!

    You've accomplished a lot. I share your sentiment about the "free-dumb" contingent.

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