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New bed, Chili, and ebay update

March 5th, 2022 at 09:07 pm

We did something today that we haven't done for 25 years - bought a new bed. DW has been wanting a new mattress for ages but I've put it off because I'm cheap and sleep just fine on the one we have. However since she hurt her back in October, she hasn't been able to sleep in bed. She just can't get comfortable and it doesn't give her enough support. She's been sleeping downstairs on the loveseat propped up with pillows. Not a good long term solution. We were hoping she'd be better by now but since she's not, it was time to go another route.

She did a bunch of research and decided on a hybrid memory foam/spring mattress. The main thing would be an adjustable base so she could raise the head of the bed rather than propping up on pillows. Honestly, I'll like that too as watching TV in bed or even doing stuff on my phone means propping up awkwardly which tends to hurt my neck.

We headed off to a local shop today. They were still running their Presidents Day sale. We tried several options and agreed on one and placed the order. It should be delivered on Tuesday. We got split twin XLs since we have a king bed but need to be able to adjust them independently so she can sleep propped up and I can sleep flat. Of course, that raised the price, but it's the only workable solution.

After lunch, I made a pot of chili as we were out. That will be dinner tonight and 5 containers went into the freezer.

Ebay has been busy. I'm up to 82 active listings. My 90-day sales total is $1,039. My current goal is to make at least $200/mo after expenses and YTD I'm already at $505 so I should have no trouble passing $600 before the end of March. I already have $21 in bids right now.

Although the primary goal is to clear out the basement and garage, I've also started going to estate sales, being very selective in what I buy to resell. Two weeks ago, I went to my first one and bought 6 items for $14. I've already sold 2 for $40. Thursday I went to one and spent $3 for one item which I sold last night for $25. Not a bad track record so far.


4 Responses to “New bed, Chili, and ebay update”

  1. disneysteve Says:

    Ebay is by no means a "new" hobby as I've been selling collectibles since 1986 and on ebay since 1997. There was a time especially around 2000 when I was doing it very heavily. In recent years, I've had spurts of activity but have mostly been dormant. I've gotten back into it since last summer starting with items I got when I cleaned out my cousin's house.

    I'm now listing regularly and plan to steadily increase that. Today I'm at 85 items and my 90-day total is $1,099 comprising 44 sales, so averaging one sale every 2 days. I intend to post regular updates here for anyone interested.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    It sounds like your waiting for a new bed worked out since your DW needs a new one now. Sage purchase and hopefully you will both satisfied.

    Good job on your Ebay!

  3. terri77 Says:

    A good night’s sleep is almost priceless. I got a new mattress last fall after 15 years sleeping on my former mattress. I got a Sealy Euro pillow-top mattress & it is wonderful!

  4. disneysteve Says:

    We got Serta hybrid foam/spring Mattresses on adjustable bases. Definitely better support than the old one and she can’t lie flat so the adjustable was the big thing. It’s also nice because we got two twins instead of a king so she can adjust independently and we don’t feel movement when the other moves or gets in and out

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