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Ebay update 3/20/22

March 20th, 2022 at 07:35 pm
I had a good week. My GI Joe auction ended on Tuesday for $305! One of my best sales ever. And several other things sold too.
My 90-day running sales total is currently $1,852.54 and $1,397.20 YTD.
YTD profit is $960.56, so way above my goal of $200/month.
I went to estate sales on Thursday and Friday and picked up a few things. The Thursday sale was an extra day added to a sale from the previous weekend. Everything was 50% off, which was perfect for me. Unfortunately, two things I bought turned out to have damage that I didn't notice until I got them home. I need to check more carefully from now on. I should still be fine though. The other items should sell for enough to make up for it. I adjusted my costs to zero out the cost of those two items.
I only started hitting the estate sales last month. So far, I've spent $92 on 12 items (not counting the 2 damaged things). I've already made back $91 selling 5 of them so whatever I get for the other 7 is all profit.
I didn't bother with any sales yesterday. I went to two today but didn't get anything. The professionally-run sales seem to have sky high prices, at least when they first start. Later in the sale they're more willing to negotiate. I think I need stop going when they open and start going toward the end of the day, or on the last day if it's a multi-day sale.
Overall, I'm very happy with the numbers I've racked up. Definitely more than I expected. Now that it's spring, the yard sales should start popping up soon. I'm looking forward to checking those out as prices tend to be a lot more reasonable than they are at the estate sales, though finding quality items can be more challenging.

2 Responses to “Ebay update 3/20/22”

  1. disneysteve Says:

    @jokeabee - I do both depending on the item. I always do a good search for Sold items identical to the one I'm selling. If they consistently go for about the same price, I may just do Buy It Now. If it's a more unusual item and hard to assign a solid value to, I'll do an auction. For example, I recently sold a lot of vintage GI Joe stuff. It was 2 figures, 2 lockers, and a bunch of accessories. There was no good way to set a flat price on that so I let the market decide what it was worth with an auction.

    Buy It Now listings have the advantage of staying active for a long time until someone buys it. I have many BIN listings up for old magazines, a year's worth in each listing. Auctions have the advantage that a lot of people go on and search for items ending today so those things catch more attention that way.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    You've done well. I think the professionally run estate sales do mark things up higher so when they offer lower prices, they basically get what they originally wanted.

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